Hope For The Day | Agent of Impact (AOI)

I know how scary it can be when it feels like your thoughts are suffocating you to the point where you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know how it feels to walk around with this darkness inside of you that seems to overpower any ounce of happiness you deserve. And I know how it is to feel like there is no way out. But I promise you, there is hope. For me, music was and still is my hope, my escape. Which is why I am so appreciative of organizations like Hope For The Day. An organization that achieves proactive suicide prevention. Founder, Jonathan Boucher, grew up putting on concerts in his hometown to create a space where people felt like they belonged. He used the music industry as a means for breaking the silence surrounding mental health by encouraging others to reach out for help, creating HFTD. Music is my safe place and it gave me the hope that I needed. As an Agent of Impact, I am committed to breaking the silence and helping people find their hope.

I’ve recently signed on with HFTD where I will be an activist for the community helping with efforts to support mental health education. Join me in breaking the silence by donating at my campaign here: https://my.hftd.org/fundraiser/1802798

Thank you HFTD for including me in your blog about the relaunch of the AOI program.

Read here: https://www.hftd.org/blog/2018/12/17/how-can-you-proactively-prevent-suicide

It’s OK to not be OK.