Hinfluencercollective | Santa Monica Meet-Up

If you are a creative of any sort (photographer, filmmaker, model, etc.), then I highly recommend attending an hinfluencer meet-up! This past weekend I had the opportunity in being part of one of these meet-ups at the Santa Monica Pier in California and I had the chance to create with so many other people. If you are unaware of what hinfliencers is, hinflunecer is a collective of content creators who are inspired and dedicated to creating authentic content! What I love most about hinfluencer is that they are always trying to expand their family and gather people from all around the world to create together. The meet-ups that they host are a great way to meet new people, network, and learn. At the Santa Monica meet-up, I was able to connect and collaborate with other creatives, learn more about my style of shooting and other people’s style of shooting, and I was able to gain more support from new people who I would have never met before! If you aren’t part of the Hub, you should definitely get on it! On the Hub, you can connect with other people, be notified when meet-ups are happening near you, and share your work! You can learn more about hinfluencers here and join the Hub here .

Below are a few shots I got from the meet-up and a video I put together that shows what hinfluencers is all about! Shoutout to Cassidy Leigh, Sam Denton, Marjan Wayne, Monica Suriyage, and Cella Guzman for getting in front of my lens and letting me capture some awesome shots :)