Forever Warped // The Final Run

It is impossible for me to write this post without getting all teary-eyed every two seconds. I never thought the day would come where Vans Warped Tour would be announcing their final full cross-country straw. 

As I read through the article written by founder + producer, Kevin Lyman, so many emotions were hitting me all at once. The list for why this festival is important to me is beyond never ending, and I'm sure thousands of fans and attendees can agree. Point blank, Vans Warped Tour is the reason that I am here today. It saved my life. It is the reason why I do what I do and why I got involved in the music industry in the first place. 

I will never forget my first ever Vans Warped Tour 8 years ago. It may sound silly, but it was the first time I genuinely ever felt something that gave me strength, hope, and courage. Whatever demons I was fighting, I wasn't fighting alone anymore when I walked through the gates of VWT. Most importantly, it allowed me to connect with myself and find meaning in life.

I am so grateful for the influence Vans Warped Tour has had on me over the years and I am even more grateful that I was able to become a part of the family by capturing the greatness that this festival is. The people that I have met, the connections that I have made, and the pure happiness that I have felt while either standing in the middle of the crowd belting my favorite lyrics or standing near the stage capturing my favorite artist, is something I will forever hold close to my heart. 

Vans Warped Tour inspires every individual to chase their dreams and to achieve for something greater than themselves. If it were not for VWT, I have no idea who or where I would be today. I cannot thank, Kevin Lyman, enough for creating an event that saved my life and for allowing it to be my safe place. There is nothing else like it. I am thankful for the memories, thankful for the music, and thankful for the bands and artists who have been huge inspirations. 

Although I am heartbroken that I won't be able to look forward to this festival every summer in my homestate anymore, I look forward to the final run. #ForeverWarped 

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Photo by: Chalisa Singh

Photo by: Chalisa Singh