THE SCREENING: A Visual Overdose

A little over a year ago, I made my first ever video, The Screening, which made me fall in love with the art of creating, producing, and directing. About 13 months ago, I decided to experiment and chase after what people are too afraid to even consider. That is, my passion. Giving myself a chance was the best decision I could have ever made. I allowed my creativity to take full control and I decided to trust it. At that time I knew little to nothing about producing something, but I do know that I had fun. Yep, fun. Isn't creating supposed to be fun!? I had the greatest time with my friends messing around with a camera, visuals, music, and editing. It was an experience I could never forget. As "silly" as the video may be, that video allowed me to explore with my mind, gave me the confidence I lacked, the vision I needed, the direction I wanted, and the motivation I didn't have before. Since releasing the Screening, my life has changed so much, for the better of course. Since then, I have learned and created so much more. I wasn't afraid anymore. I took every opportunity that came my way, I met some really nice people that I now work with, and I've been blessed enough to work on some really cool projects that I never imagined myself working on before. 

As a thank you for everything that has happened since and as a thank you for everyone who has supported me from my very first video all the way until now, I wanted to re-create what had started it all. I present to you today my second Screening, A Visual Overdose. Thank you so much to Claudia Sulewski for the inspiration behind the video and thank you to everyone who was involved in helping me make this production come to life. Of course as a creator or as a person in general, it is important to reflect on how far you have come in life from time to time. It's so insane to me to see the improvement I have made since my very first one to this current one. Me being me, it will always be hard to satisfy myself with anything that I make. Of course there are things that I wished could have gone differently in pre/post production, but I have learned that progress is all that matters. Never stop trying and never stop creating. 

Click the link if you would like to check out the video! I hope you all enjoy it and if you do please give it a big thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you aren't already to be notified when I post more! Thank you for your support! xoxo 

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