THE SCREENING: A Visual Overdose

A little over a year ago I made my first ever video, The Screening, which made me fall in love with the art of creating, producing, and directing. About 13 months ago, I decided to experiment and chase after what people are too afraid to even consider. That is, my passion. Giving myself a chance was the best decision I could have ever made. I allowed my creativity to take full control and I decided to trust it. At that time I knew little to nothing about producing or creating something, but I do know that I had fun. I had the greatest time with my friends messing around with a camera, visuals, music, and editing. It was an experience I could never forget. As "silly" as the video may be, that video allowed me to explore with my mind creatively and gave me the confidence I lacked before. 

Since releasing the Screening I have learned so much more about the fundamentals of a production, which is why I thought I would re-create the video a year later. The original Screening and this new one (The Screening: A Visual Overdose), is a very big deal to me because I never imagined myself having the courage to make something and share it - even though this video is pretty simple. This isn’t some big budget production, just a home-made project that I wanted to have fun with. As a creative, I find that it will always be challenging to satisfy myself with anything that I make, but I have learned that progress is all that matters. Never stop trying and never stop creating. 

Original inspo from Claudia Sulewski.

Watch here: