Face To Face Tour

I recently had the pleasure of shooting Our Last Night, Hands Like Houses, The Color Morale, and Out Came The Wolves on their Face To Face Tour in Baltimore for DMV Access! Ever since shooting Warped Tour this past summer, I have really been into shooting more shows. I absolutley love capturing the band's energy along with the crowd's! I love how much these four bands interacted with the crowd and stayed "hyped" throughout their entire set! If you know me, then you know how important music is to me. You know how much I used to go to concerts like if it were my job. Well....now it actually is. A year ago, I did not think that I would be blessed with the chance to work alongside some of my favorite artists creating such exciting content for them. There is just something about capturing the right moment and pairing it with the right song just feels SO right. I love and live to create.

Below are a few shots from the show, as well as a recap: