Cloe Wilder

Spent some time with the talented, Cloe Wilder, while she was recording new music in LA. Happy that I was able to work creatively with her and shoot some fun content. There’s something I love about working with newer artists as there is so much more excitement, eagerness, and humbleness to them. Shoutout to Cloe and her team for being so awesome!



art — through words, music, photos, videos, designs...
it heals us, makes us feel better.
i used to question all the time if what I was doing was meaningful at all, if it had purpose.  
and I really do think it’s important for us creators to never stop creating, to never stop giving our contributions to the world.
we make the world a little less harsh. 

2018 was challenging but there were some really good times that reassured me that being a visionary, a creator is what I want to pursue, what i want to continue chasing. so here is to more creating in making 2019 a movie 🎞📽

Music: Mischa - Book Chillak ft. Esthero - Ready or Not

THRU. The Movement | Los Angeles

“THRU. is a positive endeavor that is focused on the inspirational movement to remind and show everyone that anyone can be someone. No matter what obstacle is put in front of you, we will Push THRU. We will Fight THRU. And we will Conquer THRU.”

Created some content for THRU. while out in Los Angeles this past week. Great seeing people connect to what THRU. is all about and willing to represent the brand for us. Something that was once an idea is now coming to life. Shoutout to THRU. and the team!

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