Shangri-La: A Short Film Noir

Got the amazing opportunity to be apart of a short film that was written, directed, & produced by the inspiring duo - Kimberly & Wendy Willming of Duplicity Studios. Could not be grateful enough to the wonderful Willming sisters for bringing me on board and to the crew for being so welcoming. Thank you for giving me the creative freedom to play around and capture stills for this special production. As my first film set experience, it was very surreal being surrounded by producers, directors, talent, and crew who have worked on shows/films that I admire and am a huge fan of.

I have been working creatively in the music space for quite some time now, and in no way am I done with it as I still have not made a dent to where I want to be, but I’ve been so obsessed with filmmaking and cinema lately and am so thankful to have been on this production and learn from incredible women. What is great about working in the creative field, is that you never have to limit yourself creatively to only one type of genre or industry. It was really interesting to see all the creative & technical decisions that go into turning a written script into a visual story. Narrative work is something I have always been curious and passionate about, and I hope to explore more within the storytelling genre.

// stills from Shangri-La:



Got to work creatively with this gem a few days ago! Novi is such a talented artist and has a one of a kind electric soul. Nothing I love more than being able to make a connection with an artist and their music, while also being able to have them jump in front of my lens 📸

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Mad Sounds Magazine | Issue 30: Keep A Place For Me

Issue 30 of Mad Sounds is officially out!! This issue is so special because not only does it feature my work with the talented, Cloe Wilder, but it is also the final issue of Mad Sounds. I am so grateful to have had a variety of my work featured in this publication both in print and online. Thank you to the editor, Giselle Melendres, for giving creators of all kind a platform and an audience to share their talent with!

// view the full issue here:

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Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 9.46.24 PM.png
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Cloe Wilder

Spent some time with the talented, Cloe Wilder, while she was recording new music in LA. Happy that I was able to work creatively with her and shoot some fun content. There’s something I love about working with newer artists as there is so much more excitement, eagerness, and drive to them. Shoutout to Cloe and her team for being so awesome!



art — through words, music, photos, videos, designs...
it heals us, makes us feel better.
i used to question all the time if what I was doing was meaningful at all, if it had purpose.  
and I really do think it’s important for us creators to never stop creating, to never stop giving our contributions to the world.
we make the world a little less harsh. 

2018 was challenging but there were some really good times that reassured me that being a visionary, a creator is what I want to pursue, what i want to continue chasing. so here is to more creating in making 2019 a movie 🎞📽

Music: Mischa - Book Chillak ft. Esthero - Ready or Not