Shallou | Souls Tour

Caught Shallou a few months back at Firefly Music Festival and knew that I wanted to create something for him one day. Love the vibe that he brings to a show with his music and stage design. Thank you to Joe and his team for reaching out and letting me create something that’s a bit different than my usual.

Nightmare Festival '18 | William Black

Was a very interesting, cold, and muddy experience at the 2018 Nightmare Fest but nonetheless had a great time working with artist, William Black. Thank you Nightmare for having me and thank you to Will and his team for the opportunity!

// below are some of my favorite shots from the night:


THRU. The Movement | Los Angeles

“THRU. is a positive endeavor that is focused on the inspirational movement to remind and show everyone that anyone can be someone. No matter what obstacle is put in front of you, we will Push THRU. We will Fight THRU. And we will Conquer THRU.”

Created some content for THRU. while out in Los Angeles this past week. Great seeing people connect to what THRU. is all about and willing to represent the brand for us. Something that was once an idea is now coming to life. Shoutout to THRU. and the team!

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Louis Futon | The Observatory Santa Ana

Nothing but electric vibes from Louis Futon at The Observatory in Santa Ana this past week. It was very entertaining shooting in a venue that I am not particularly familiar with. Thank you Observatory for having me and thank you to Live Nation for sending me! Would 100% recommend catching Louis Futon live.

// below are a couple before and afters from the show:


Moonrise Festival '18

Got to be a part of this year’s Moonrise Fest and it was an incredible few days, spent with incredible people! Thank you to the Moonrise team for being awesome, and thank you to Mugatunes for sending me! Had a great time working with the artists, carrying out interviews, and photographing the madness :)

// below are a few of my favorite shots:

Desktop Photo.jpg

Vans Warped Tour '18 | Forever Warped

This past Sunday may have been the last Vans Warped Tour in my home-state and I can’t help but get a little emotional every time I think about it. I’m so grateful to have been attending this festival for 9 years straight and doing media for it for an incredible 3 years. Like many others, Warped Tour has helped me find myself, my voice, and my passion. This is a home for the punk-rock kids and metal-core heads. Thank you Kevin Lyman for giving so many people a safe place, thank you for giving me my safe place.

// below are a few of my favorite shots 📸 🤘🏼#ForeverWarped


Firefly Music Festival '18

What I love most about what I do is that it allows me to meet new people, new artists, new talent, and fall in love with new music. I had such an incredible time photographing and filming the 2018 Firefly Music Festival. This four-day festival has made me fall even more in love with capturing true, raw moments. Seeing some of my favorite artists pour their hearts and energy out on stage and being able to capture the passion they share with their fans makes my job a whole lot more exciting.

// below are a few photos from the festival: